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12. imperative of verbs

Imperative is simply formed from the present tense stem as follows:
  1. Verbs having stem finished by only one consonant have imperative endings -! (you singular), -me! (we plural), -te! (you plural).
    Ending consonants -d, -t, -n, -l are softened to -dj, -tj, -nj, -lj and consonants -k, -h, -g are palatalized to -č, -š, -ž.


    dielaj! = do! (you singular)
    znajme! = let us know!
    plujme! = let us swim!
    prodaj! = sell! (you singular)
    pišme! = let us write!
    hočte! = want!
    (you plural or polite)
    govorte! = speak! (you plural or polite)
    platj! = pay! (you singular)
    letjme! = let us fly!
    vidjte! = see! (you plural or polite)

    var! = boil!, cook! (you singular)

  2. All other verbs finished by two or more consonants have imperative endings -i! (you singular), -ime! (we plural), -ite! (you plural)
    This means, that vowel -i- is added between the present verb stem and imperative endings.


    spi! = sleap! (you singular)

    gybni! = die! (you singular)